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Talented Fundraisers

Bringing the parable of the Talents to life. 

A great way to fundraise as a school is through Talented Fundraisers - a fundraising enterprise project that is inspired by Scripture and encourages pupils to put their faith into action. 

The fundraising project is all about giving young people the opportunity to use their creativity, enterprise and other God-given talents to raise awareness and funds for the work of SCIAF. By trusting the students with an initial loan, they can take control of the project and learn through doing. 

All the money is then returned to SCIAF to support our work providing long term development and emergency help to people around the world.

The project reflects some of SCIAF’s work overseas helping communities to set up saving and loan co-operatives. We provide the tools and training they need to set up a small business in their community, helping people to work their way out of poverty. 

You can download and read our Talented Fundraisers Resources to find out everything you need to know to start your project.

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