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Real Gifts - How it Works

Real Gifts are the Real Deal

Real Gifts make a world of difference. Unique and impactful, they’re the gift that keeps on giving. No fancy frills – a simple gift to bring joy to a loved one, and provide real support to people who need it the most. They’re pretty special if you ask us.

This year we’ve changed things up and included a card all about your gift for you to keep close - use it as a bookmark, keep it in your wallet or stick it on the fridge. Whatever you choose, it’s a small card but a big reminder of all the great things your gift has done!

Graphic showing how real gifts work

Gift types

This year, as well as receiving a physical card to write to your loved ones, we are introducing two new card types: digital downloads and e-cards! Simply choose your option when shopping.

Digital download: Have a digital copy of your card to download and either email or print to give to your loved one.

E-card (coming soon!): Choose a card, write your message and have your card digitally sent straight to your loved one's inbox.

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