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Rejoicing in Africa's Great Lakes

11 February 2019

CDJP Kigali Villages Goat farmers Rwanda

Half of the world’s food is grown by small-scale farmers who live hand to mouth.

In the Great Lakes region of Africa, many farmers struggle to grow enough food to eat and to earn an income. Thanks to you, and with support from the UK government, we’ve been working with partners in Rwanda, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to change the lives of 2,000 farmers.

Over the last three years, we’ve helped families to learn sustainable farming methods, provided seeds and tools, and access to livestock and clean water.

Some of the people supported in Rwanda told us how the support you've given them has changed their lives. 

Ladislas and Colette from Rwanda told us;

"The project gave us seeds and farming tools. We grow beans and peanuts. And we were given two goats. Now we have water to drink. We have a water filtration and recycling system. We have clean water to wash everything. And we can get fertiliser from our livestock. Thank you to those who gave money to help us. Thank you for everything."


Paulin (pictured above) has seen fantastic changes, both for him and his loved ones.

"Thanks to the support, I can now feed myself and my children. The area is very dry but we can share the water we get from the water tanks and we can grow crops. I can eat and rejoice!"

This work which helped thousands of people in Africa's Great Lakes was all made possible thanks to your terrific response to our 2015 WEE BOX appeal, and the UK Government who matched your donations pound for pound. Thank you for uniting with us to end poverty.

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