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Real Change in Rwanda

26 August 2021

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In February 2020, we began a one-year project in Rwanda supported by the Guernsey Overseas Aid and Development Commission and implemented by Commission Diocésaine de Justice et Paix (CDJP) Kabgayi, to support small farm businesses, and improve food security and nutrition for 200 households. 

In four villages of the Ruhango District of Rwanda, project participants were supported in livestock rearing and in the production of soya beans. In addition to increasing food security, the programme also offered training and education in sustainable farming, money management and business development. Household income among participants increased by as much 50% as a result.

As well as helping families grow soya beans, the project also helped to create a lasting partnership between local farmers and the local soya production industry. This ensures that families can continue to expand their businesses in the future with the knowledge and connections the project has provided.

Guernsey Rwanda

In addition to business support, farmers also attended workshops on the issue of Gender Based Violence and gender equality. 195 farmers received training on the importance of equal rights and equal opportunities in business. Additionally, self-help groups were founded which saw ‘lead farmers’ organise training sessions for small groups to encourage collaboration and support among participants.

Despite various difficulties due to COVID-19, this project allowed over 1000 people to provide food for their families and invest in their futures through education and sustainable farming. The training provided and the business relationships formed mean that this change can have a lasting effect on the livelihoods of over 200 families.