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We pray for people affected by devastating floods in DR Congo

19 December 2022

DR Congo floods

We are saddened to hear that the death toll in the Democratic Republic of the Congo continues to rise following recent flooding.

The capital city Kinshasa has suffered the worst damage and at least 169 people have died. Kinshasa is home to around 15 million people and it’s thought the flooding has affected around 38,000 people and washed away many homes.

But it doesn’t end there. An estimated 8.2 million people in at least 20 different nations in west and central Africa have been affected by heavy rains in recent weeks. Most people affected are living in the poorest areas. On Friday, the UN estimated that 2.9 million people had been displaced and more than half a million homes destroyed.

Please remember your sisters and brothers in these affected areas in your prayers.  Thank you.