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Reaching out to the vulnerable in Rwanda

16 December 2022

Rwanda story

Over the course of a year, our project in Eastern Rwanda changed the lives of over 300 people. Through our partner CDJP Kigali, we reached out to hundreds of small-scale farmers to deliver access to water, farming training, and the tools needed to grow crops that can survive the effects of climate change. 

The project, funded by the Guernsey Overseas Aid and Development Commission, focused on improving the lives of the most vulnerable people in society such as the elderly and people with disabilities. Marginalised groups are more likely to suffer from food insecurity, and there can often be barriers to collecting water or planting crops. With the added challenge of unpredictable weather due to climate change, life can become very difficult.

That’s where we came in. By fixing existing irrigation schemes and providing rainwater tanks, we’ve increased access to water for crops. By providing seeds, farming training, and tools, we’ve seen families produce more food and improve their diets. And because of a new road that’s been built, farmers have the opportunity to sell their crops at the local market to increase their income.  

CDJP Kigali village - Rwanda 2

In addition to the economic successes of the project, we’ve provided counselling sessions for those who need them, and facilitated workshops on gender equality for more than 200 people. We’ve also championed women’s leadership, ensuring their voices are heard in the community.

In just one year:

  • 40 farmers now have access to a rehabilitated irrigation system   
  • 300 people have been provided with seeds and mulch  
  • 100 rainwater tanks have been built for the most vulnerable 
  • 300 community members received training on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19  
  • 140 couples received gender awareness training 
  • 210 people took part in SGBV educational sessions 

Building on the success of this project, we’re thrilled to continue our partnership with CDJP Kigali and provide more farmers with accessible water sources and essential training. Thanks to funding from the Guernsey Overseas Aid and Development Commission, we’re scaling up our work in Rwanda. Over the 3-year programme, we’ll rehabilitate an irrigation scheme for double the number of people, and build 150 more water tanks.

Thanks to you, and Guernsey Overseas Aid & Development Commission, we’re reaching the most vulnerable first and changing lives for the better.

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