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War in the Holy Land: How you can help

22 March 2024

A church in Gaza

SCIAF urgently appeals for an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing conflict in the Holy Land. We stand in solidarity with the innocent people caught up in the horrors of this war, and with people across the world who are crying out for peace. 

The situation in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories calls for a worldwide mobilization in view of the scale of the humanitarian emergency. With no safe space left, Gaza has become one of the most dangerous places in the world for civilians following the brutal attacks on 7 October and the ensuing escalation in hostilities. After months of relentless bombing across Gaza - including in densely populated areas to which people have been ordered to evacuate - the levels of devastation, hunger and loss have reached catastrophic levels. 

The atrocities committed in Israel on 7th October have no justification. The taking of hostages is unacceptable. We condemn these actions without reservation, and we call for the immediate release of Israeli hostages held in Gaza and of Palestinians arbitrarily detained by Israel.  

Just as we utterly condemn the vile atrocities committed that day, we must also condemn the carnage which has followed in Gaza. With each passing day, the relentless destruction takes a heavier toll and the chance of long-term peace in the region feels ever further away. But we must not lose hope. As we mourn we must also cry out for peace, and beg those with power to have the courage, prudence and wisdom to hear these cries and invest in building a lasting peace.  

Sign our petition and Cry for Peace in the Holy Land

  1. We call for an immediate, unconditional and permanent ceasefire and the cessation of indiscriminate attacks and killings of civilians in Gaza and the West Bank.  Civilians must be protected, and all actors must follow international humanitarian law. All hostages must be immediately released. 
  2. We call for the lifting of the siege on Gaza, for basic supplies of water and electricity to be restarted, and for adequate levels of humanitarian assistance to be allowed into Gaza. People in Gaza are in dire need of food, power, water and medicines now. Air drops and sea routes will never be more than a drop in the ocean of current needs.  
  3. We call on States to immediately renew their funding for UNRWA. As the primary designated UN agency to support the very existence of the Palestinian people, the survival of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians depends on their services and their delivery of aid cannot be replaced by other agencies working in Gaza. Suspending critical funding is an attack on humanity at a time of unprecedented need.  
  4. We call on the Government of Israel to heed the recommendations of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and take urgent action to prevent a genocide. Current actions taken by Israel in Gaza amount to an act of collective punishment on the Palestinian people. This is deeply inhumane, unjust and illegal.  
  5. We call for international governments to immediately halt arms exports and licenses to the Government of Israel until such a time that the ICJ orders are adhered to.

Enough is enough. The world is watching, and future generations will look back on this moment in time International law must be upheld and the international community must take every step possible to end this senseless suffering. 

The people of the Holy Land need peace; deep and lasting peace where everyone can survive and thrive, feel safe, secure and be authors of their own lives’ stories. 

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