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WEE BOX will travel…all the way to the Vatican

15 March 2024

Pope with WEE BOX

Our iconic WEE BOX has been keeping some BIG company in Rome, where the Pope got to hear all about its life-saving work!

Pope Francis had a busy week but spared the time to meet SCIAF’s former Chief Executive Alistair Dutton, who didn’t miss the chance to fill him in on the BOX that’s so close to our hearts.

Each year generous Scots up and down the country give up a favourite treat such as coffee, chocolate, wine or crisps during Lent and put the money they save into a WEE BOX. They then donate it at Easter to provide a hand-up to vulnerable communities worldwide, struggling due to hunger, poverty and the climate emergency.  

SCIAF’s current Chief Executive Lorraine Currie said: “We are both honoured and delighted that the Holy Father got to hear all about what a great job the WEE BOX does to support some of the poorest people in the world.

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