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Fed up with turkey for Christmas – why not buy some chickens instead?

27 October 2023

Woman with chicken

What have a toilet, a chicken and a pair of specs got in common? It’s not a trick question; it’s an ethical one. They are all Christmas presents you can buy today, while helping people in the world’s poorest places enjoy a better tomorrow. 

This year we have relaunched Real Gifts, more than doubling our ethical offering this year from 17 gifts to 37, with cows, wheelchairs and sewing machines making an appearance for the first time. 

SCIAF sells a range of Real Gifts, from seeds to stoves and even chickens and goats. Every Real Gift purchased goes to support our work around the world and allows us to use it where it is needed most. 

For the first time this year, SCIAF has introduced some Real Gifts that help women specifically and promote gender equality. These include a Positivity Period Pack, as well as medical aid and counselling for survivors of gender-based violence. 

Lorraine Currie, SCIAF’s head of International Programmes said:

“As we know, many women and girls experience period poverty, which can have a devastating impact on their dignity, education and ability to earn money. This is also the case in the world’s poorest places, but these period essentials ensure women and girls have access to affordable and reusable period products. 

“Gender-based violence can leave both physical and emotional scars, which can be devastating. By buying one of our Real Gifts, you can help women access urgent medical care and further down the line, expert psycho-social assistance and counselling therapy. This way women and girls can confront their experiences, express their emotions, and create more hopeful futures.” 

Larger gifts like ‘Water for a village’ can be purchased by schools, churches or friend groups. Many of the gifts can be purchased for emergency situations and natural disasters, like warm blankets and Shelter for a Family. 

SCIAF supporter Jim Berry from Troon not only buys Real Gifts himself but encourages his whole Parish to do the same. 

He said:

“Sometimes, at Christmas, we end up buying things people don’t need, just for the sake of giving them something. But these Real Gifts are different - they can make a world of a difference. As soon as the catalogues are in, I pop up to the office in Glasgow to collect enough for the whole Parish here in Our Lady of the Assumption and St Meddan's in Troon. There’s a whole range of affordable gifts to choose from. 

“It’s a great way of showing our love and support for our sisters and brothers in the poorest parts of the world.” 

Ordering a Real Gift is easy. Simply visit our online shop, pick your gifts and receive a beautifully designed card to your doorstep. You can personalise it with a heartfelt message and share the amazing impact of your gift with someone special.

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