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SCIAF takes the global hunger message to the steps of Number 10

16 November 2023

Global Hunger Message to No 10

Ahead of a major global summit on food security in London next week, SCIAF has delivered calls from people across Scotland for the UK Government to tackle the global hunger crisis. 

Back in August we asked for your help to put pressure on Rishi Sunak’s government as millions of people around the world continue to face the grim reality of famine.   

And you did not disappoint. 1,500 of you, covering every constituency* in Scotland signed a letter with three simple asks around food security.  

And today we took that message – loud and clear – to the steps of number 10, asking the UK government to serve up change for millions around the world. 

Anne c

Anne Callaghan was joined by London-based SCIAF supporter Amber Morris to deliver the message straight to Mr Sunak’s front door. 

Anne said: “There are many factors contributing to the global food crisis – but it remains the case that there is enough food on earth to go round – it’s just the system that’s broken. 

“It's wrong that while so many people across the world go hungry, others have too much food. 

“We asked SCIAF supporters to add their name to our letter which calls for three things – more food aid for East Africa, reversing the overseas aid budget cuts and an overall system change to promote sustainable forms of agriculture across the world. 

“Thanks for standing with us against food justice, and for standing in solidarity with people facing the global hunger crisis. It’s time for action on global hunger. It’s time to serve up change.”  

The food summit on Monday 20th November is being seen as an opportunity to inspire renewed global ambition to make sure everyone, everywhere, has access to enough food.  

Anne said: “It is vital that this summit delivers the real change we need to see in the world and puts the needs of the poorest front and centre.  This petition shows that people across Scotland support the government to do all it can to help our brothers and sisters around the world.” 

*UK Government constituencies