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Advent – a time to give thanks and think of others

23 November 2023

Advent Appeal

SCIAF has launched its Advent campaign today with some rather exciting news. A group of generous supporters are doubling donations* to this year’s appeal. 

Christmas is a very special time, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and come together with our loved ones to give thanks for the joy in our lives.  

Advent gives us the time for reflection and preparation and it’s important to think and pray for our sisters and brothers whose lives are full of adversity in this uncertain world.  

Steve McManus, SCIAF’s Head of Fundraising said:

“Right now, across the world, the effects of extreme weather and climate change are destroying people’s lives. Families are losing their homes, their food and everything they own.  And it’s those living in the world’s poorest places who suffer the most.  

“This year we have teamed up with a group of our generous donors, making it possible to double donations to our Advent Appeal. This means that your donation could be matched*, doubling the value of your gift. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to reach even more people next year, in their time of need. 

“This is particularly important in places like Malawi which has been dealt a number of crushing weather-related blows in the last few years. Cyclones have brought death and destruction in their wake. For the campaign, we heard from Sofia and her family, whose lives have been turned upside down.”

Sofia, her husband, and their five children were living in a place they believed to be safe. Severe flooding had forced them to flee their home in the south of the country and rebuild their lives in a new area, where they believed they would be protected from danger.   

However, one night, floodwaters began to pour into the family’s new home while they slept. They were lucky to escape with their lives. They lost everything - goats, chickens, livestock – everything they owned in their house and the house itself. 

Sofia and her family had no means to start again. This was the second time they had been struck by the severe consequences of extreme weather. The changing climate meant there was no guaranteed safety. Sadly, they are not the only ones. 

Steve added:

“Through our partners, we work with communities to build resilience in this ever-changing climate. This can be training local builders in climate resistant practices, creating and repairing flood defences or advocating for climate justice on the world stage; we stand shoulder to shoulder with communities to prepare them for the worst, whatever the weather.  

“And if the worst does happen, we are there too. We reach out in love and compassion to help families who have lost everything to feel safe and secure, have food to eat and somewhere warm to sleep. “ 

 *Donations will be doubled up to a total value of £83,500.  

Donate today and double your donation