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Deacon Blue’s Ricky & Lorraine urge Scots to show some love

14 February 2024

Ricky and Lorraine WEE BOX 2024

SCIAF supporters Ricky Ross and Lorraine McIntosh took to the streets of Glasgow to ask people to show their love for some of the world’s poorest people this St Valentine’s Day. 

The couple helped us launch our annual WEE BOX, BIG CHANGE appeal, which raises vital funds for its life-changing work in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  

Each year generous Scots up and down the country give up a favourite treat such as coffee, chocolate, wine or crisps during Lent and put the money they save into a WEE BOX. They then donate it at Easter to provide a hand-up to vulnerable communities worldwide, struggling to survive due to hunger, poverty and the climate emergency. 

This year, our appeal focuses on the people of Rwanda, 30 years on from the genocide which left around one million people dead.

Ricky said:

Having seen first-hand some of the programmes that SCIAF are involved in made us realise how important it is to support the ongoing work of SCIAF.  

“We are continually amazed at the difference that the WEE BOX makes, even tiny amounts make a huge change." 

Lorraine Currie, SCIAF’s Chief Executive said:

“Our Lent appeal this year is so important. There are so many wars and tragic things happening all over our world, which we witness every day on our television screens. But there are also ongoing struggles and injustices in countries across the world that we don’t hear much about, like in Rwanda. 

“SCIAF’s work across Rwanda, driven by donations from the people of Scotland, focuses on supporting women and girls who have suffered abuse and discrimination. Working through local Rwandan organisations, SCIAF is supporting projects which help women and girls rebuild their lives, change social attitudes, and build a better future for themselves and their families.  

“Please give what you can to the SCIAF appeal this year. Even a small donation makes a huge difference.”  

Support the WEE BOX Appeal