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Our work in Ukraine continues two years after full-scale war begins

23 February 2024

Ukraine 22

It’s two long years since Russian missiles were fired into Kyiv and Kharkiv just before dawn on 24 February. 

Ukrainians had suffered oppression from their near neighbour for many years, but full-scale war still came as a shock and turned life upside down for ordinary Ukrainians. 

Twenty-four months on, we continue to work through our partner Caritas Ukraine to bring relief where there is suffering. And there is indeed suffering. More than 14 million people are in need while a further six million Ukrainians are displaced throughout Europe. 

Just days after the war erupted, we launched an appeal and the Scottish people opened their hearts and gave generously. In total, £2.1m was raised thanks to your kindness, including £875,000 from the Scottish Government in grants. These funds were spent on helping families and communities to keep warm and power and light their homes.  

Our work through partner Caritas Ukraine continues, helping people with their needs for shelter, food, water, sanitation, hygiene and protection through the cold winter. 

Head of Caritas Ukraine Tetiana Stawnytchy said:

“It's been two years since the full-scale invasion began in Ukraine. It's been two years; they've been hard years - they've been years of displacement of families, being separated, it's been two years of children not having a normal childhood, not having access to education. It's been two years of millions and millions of people who are in need of humanitarian aid.

“At the same time it's also been two years of amazing solidarity, of amazing resilience, of amazing support for one another in Ukraine. We have made it through these two years together with the solidarity of the entire Caritas network and all the other partners that we've been working with to help to respond to the immense needs that we have in Ukraine. 

“Over a period of two years we've provided over five million services in the Caritas way as an individual, with a respect for a person's human dignity, individual one by one each beneficiary is received and they receive the help that they need whether it be immediate help with life-saving activities, food hygiene, access to water, temporary shelter to more stabilizing assistance where we're helping people to resettle or to rebuild in the places where they feel most comfortable. 

“Thank you so much for your support. Please continue to stand with us as we walk this path. Thank you.” 

Please remember our sisters and brothers in Ukraine – and any conflict region – in your prayers.