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WEE BOXES wanted

10 April 2024

Rwanda Wee Box

SCIAF supporters are being urged to return their WEE BOXES, as this year’s Lenten appeal draws to a close.  

Each year generous supporters give up a favourite treat during Lent such as crisps, wine, chocolate or chips, and put the money they save into their WEE BOX for SCIAF. The money donated provides a hand-up to vulnerable communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, struggling to survive due to hunger, poverty and the effects of climate change.  

This year, the WEE BOX appeal focussed on the people of Rwanda, 30 years on from the genocide which left around one million people dead.  

SCIAF's chief executive Lorraine Currie said:

“Our Lent appeal this year has come at a time when there’s so much suffering in our world, much of which we see on the news every day.

“But far away from the television cameras, there are people suffering and in need of our support. Like many of the girls and women in Rwanda, who face abuse and discrimination.

“Driven by donations from the people of Scotland, SCIAF’s work across Rwanda includes projects which help them rebuild their lives, change social attitudes, and build a better future for themselves and their families.”

Lorraine added:

“The thousands of WEE BOXES returned each year to SCIAF really do make a big difference to those we work with around the world. The generosity of the Scottish people, especially when things are so difficult for families here, is incredible. I want to thank everyone who has supported this year’s appeal, you’re making a life changing difference to families across the globe."  

How can I make a WEE BOX donation? 

If you've collected money in your WEE BOX, count the money you’ve saved and donate that amount by using any of the following steps:  

  • Make your donation online
  • Send us a cheque made out to SCIAF to FREEPOST SCIAF  
  • Call us on 0141 354 5555 and donate using a credit or debit card. 
  • If you prefer, you can also give donations via bank transfer. If you would like to, please give us a call.