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SCIAF make themselves at home in Clyde Street

31 May 2024

New office 2024

We made our move from West Nile Street in April, in a bid to cut costs and move closer to our roots in the Catholic Church, settling on the third floor in Glasgow’s Archdiocesan Offices. 

“It’s like coming home”, just one of the comments from SCIAF staff as we settled into our new offices.

Thanks to lots of hard work, staff are already feeling very much at home, many commenting on how nice it is to be by the river and commenting on the warm welcome we’ve all received from everyone in the building. 

Mark Camburn, Director of Integral Human Development said:

“The new office makes me think a lot about our partner the Diocese of Quibdó, in Colombia. There are some really interesting parallels between the two.  

“Our partners in Quibdó work at a Diocese building on the banks of the mighty river Atrato, right beside the Cathedral. It is so similar to our new set-up, on the banks of the Clyde, and right beside the Cathedral. Maybe it’s because I’m planning a trip to Colombia just now, but I think about this link every time I come into the office!” 

SCIAF’s Chief Executive Lorraine Currie said:

“To move a charity from one office to another at the busiest time of their year – Lent – is no small undertaking. The reason it was so smooth was down to great collaborative working between us and the Archdiocese and of course the tremendous hard work and organisational skills of our ‘move’ team. I can’t thank them enough. 

“We have downsized and it feels like a strong but leaner home for us. The move has been a chance for us to save money. SCIAF, like many other charities is having to deal with rising costs in the UK, therefore this move will help us continue to ensure as much as possible of our supporter’s donations to our mission of helping the world’s poorest people. 

“Everyone seems to be settling in really well and the views of our beautiful Cathedral, while we work and attend meetings, are nothing short of inspirational.”