Rohingya emergency appeal

The Rohingya people are going through hell and desperately need our help.

More than 646,000 people – more than the population of Edinburgh – have fled for their lives into Bangladesh following violence in Rakhine State which began on 25th August. 60% of Rohingya refugees are children, including an estimated 12,000 orphans. Many have experienced horrific brutality and the destruction of their homes and villages. They are traumatised, vulnerable and desperately need our help.

Limited basic services that were available before the massive influx of refugees are now under severe strain. Existing settlements and camps have rapidly expanded and new settlements are forming and growing quickly.

The speed and scale of people flooding over the border has resulted in a humanitarian crisis. Many families fled with very few possessions and are now entirely reliant on humanitarian assistance.

SCIAF is working closely with Caritas Bangladesh and others in the Caritas family to help some of the most vulnerable refugees. Donations from Scotland have already helped provide rice, lentils, sugar and oil, as well as plates, saucepans, glasses and cooking utensils to over 40,000 families. We’re also distributing blankets and sleeping mats to 14,600 families so they can keep warm at night.

While very basic, these items have given many Rohingya families the help they need to get by day to day, and a little space to grieve their loss of family, friends and home.

But much more help is needed.

There is still an immediate need to get food, other items and shelter to the many thousands of people in need.

The eyes of the world are on the Rohingya. Having heard their cries, we must respond. Please pray for the Rohingya people and give whatever you can to our emergency appeal.