Rebuilding Syria

You can rebuild lives in Syria.

Syria is a country that has been destroyed by war and which continues to suffer conflict and uncertainty. Opportunities for work are scarce in the deserted towns and cities. Families are suffering and unable to support themselves with no income. The people of Syria are exhausted, their lives have been shattered, and they are trapped in a country broken by war.

Many people, not just the children, are deeply traumatised by what they have witnessed. The experiences of fear, hunger, suffering and war felt by families in Syria are being replaced by the hope that people will return, live in peace, rebuild, grow and thrive once again.

Your donations can provide essential medical assistance, lighting and house repairs, food and other necessities.

Read stories from our brothers and sisters in Syria.


His family suffered years of fear and upheaval born from violence.

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Thouraya and her son stayed in Homs throughout the fighting.

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Amal and Samar

Amal learns to walk and be happy despite what the war did to her.

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