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Help the poorest survive and thrive

This year you have an incredible opportunity to give a hand up to families living in poverty. Families like the Langs, from Cambodia, depend on fishing and farming to survive. They used to struggle to have enough food to eat because of poverty and criminal gangs fishing illegally in their local river.  Now they can support themselves.

By giving up a treat for the 40 days of Lent and placing the money you save in your WEE BOX, you’ll help change the lives of families like the Langs.

This year you have a fantastic opportunity to make double the difference.

The UK government is matching, pound-for-pound, all donations given to our WEE BOX appeal made before the 8th May. Every pound you save will go even further to helping our brothers and sisters around the world to survive and thrive.

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The UK Government will match your donation pound-for-pound.

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With your help, families in Cambodia are able to protect their fishing waters and work their way out of poverty.  Help more families survive and thrive.


Sensational schools do fantastic fundraising

Every Lent Catholic schools go above and beyond for SCIAF so we're highlighting their amazing efforts with a special tribute to some tremendously terrific fundraising schools.