WEE BOX Big Change

Join our WEE BOX Big Change appeal and together we can end poverty.

Every Lent, the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter, thousands of Scots save money in their SCIAF WEE BOX to help give a hand up to people living in poverty.

By collecting your loose change, or giving up a treat like chocolate or wine and putting what you save into a WEE BOX you can make a lasting difference to families in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Kaye's uniting to end poverty.

Donations to the WEE BOX have helped people in countries like Uganda where a generation of young people have been left without hope, trapped in extreme poverty. Together we are helping them to be independent, support themselves and their families and have real hope for the future.

Please order your WEE BOX today, and together we can end poverty.

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Join thousands of Scots uniting to end poverty.

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Lydia's story

Meet Lydia, a young woman from Uganda.

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Scotland's top politicians back the WEE BOX

Politicians from all of the main parties in Scotland came together to support the WEE BOX appeal.