Gaza Emergency Appeal


The violence in Gaza has once again shocked the world. After almost two weeks of intense conflict, homes, schools and hospitals have been reduced to rubble and civilians have nowhere to hide or flee for safety. More than 235 people have died in Gaza and the West Bank, including 74 children. Thousands of people have been injured and forced to flee their homes and the number of casualties continues to rise. 

For over 14 years Gaza has been under a total land and air blockade controlled by Israel, with a small southern section controlled by Egypt. Even before this conflict began, more than half of Gazans had no access to nutritious food, and were trapped in cycle of poverty, food insecurity and unemployment. Living in one of the most densely populated areas in the world, and denied their most basic rights, they are experiencing unimaginable fear and suffering.  

In addition, amid the destruction, experts are warning of a surge in coronavirus cases. With vaccination rates as low as 1.9% in Gaza, compared with 56% in Israel, increased transmission will kill the oldest and most vulnerable first.

Our response
Through the global Caritas network, SCIAF is working with Caritas Jerusalem – an organisation with a long track record of providing essential services to the desperately poor population in Gaza.

235 people

have tragically died due to the conflict.

74 children

are amongst those whose lives were lost.


of people have been injured and forced to flee.