WEE BOX 2022

Across the world, extreme weather is flooding homes, destroying crops and leaving people with little or no food to eat. More than 800 million people go hungry each day.

In January, this reality was clearer than ever as Cyclone Ana hit Malawi and caused widespread devastation, affecting almost one million people and killing 46. Crops and animals were washed away in an instant, destroying livelihoods.

That's why this Lent your love and generosity will prevent families from going hungry, help people grow more food, and heal their local environment. Their need is urgent: please respond in love.

Act in Hope

to help families in Malawi affected by climate change.


we can fight the devastating hunger this causes.


Donate today

and we can build God's kingdom here on Earth.

Every day Julius lives in hunger. Every day his family lives on the edge of survival.

Without warning, the rain Julius relies on to water his crops can fall all at once. Then the rains can stop suddenly. His crops dry up, wither and die – they have no harvest.

Julius doesn’t know when his family’s next meal might be.

Dsc 9320 testimonial

When you are growing food for your family every person lives on optimism. But now, my household – and many others in the village – are facing hunger.


Act in Hope

This Lent, we’re asking you to offer up as many Acts of Hope as you can as part of your Lenten practice.

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Your WEE BOX Guide

Check out our WEE BOX guide for helpful tips on how to make your Lenten donations.

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Lent resources

A selection of teacher’s notes, classroom activities, prayers and reflections to download and use in your school or parish.

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Julius' story

Julius lives in extreme poverty, surviving on less than £1.38 per day. He feeds his family by farming a small area of land.

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Tamala's story

Tamala, her husband and three children survive by growing crops for the family, selling whatever they have left.

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Pieter's story

Pieter Nthenda is one of our partners in Malawi. He is the Director of CADECOM Mangochi.

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