Care for our common home

We want to stop climate change running out of control - it's already devastating the lives of many people we work with in countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The difference we can make

Each of our individual actions add up to make huge changes. By taking action in our Church communities and as part of the SCIAF family, you're joining a worldwide movement of people determined to protect the environment and all of God's creation.

Making changes in our own lives to cut our carbon footprint sends a powerful message that will inspire others. It creates a ripple effect, which over time, leads to big changes in attitudes and the way people behave across society. The first people to buy Fairtrade coffee probably never thought that one day they'd see it in every supermarket in the country. Cutting our carbon footprint also shows politicians we're serious about taking action to tackle climate change.

Download our guide to Caring for Our Common home to cut your carbon footprint and bring Laudato Si' to life in your parish.