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Sudan Evangelical Mission

Sudan Evangelical Mission (SEM) is a South Sudanese NGO working among the most vulnerable and the neediest communities in South Sudan, to bring about sustainable change in their lives. We do this by improving disability inclusion, adult literacy, food security and livelihood and emergency relief response.

SEM project - school - Mundri South SudanWe've been working with SEM to remove barriers to education for children and young people with disabilities since 2005. Most recently the three-year UK government Aid Match supported project, which started in 2022, provides a lifeline for children with disabilities, their families and communities.

Goliver Matatio
We work closely with the community to get to the root causes of their issues and plan together for tailored solutions. We work with people with disabilities and their parents so that they learn the skills to help themselves.

Goliver Matatio Disability Programme Officer, SEM

Goliver Matatio
The attitude towards disability has to change. By raising awareness of the barriers faced by people with disabilities, we are able to work with the community to break down stigma related to disability and improve access to services such as education, healthcare and employment.

Goliver Matatio Disability Programme Officer, SEM

Supported by the UK government

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