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Thanks to your generosity during our 2021 WEE BOX campaign, which raised more than £2.8m, including £1.4 million of match funding from the UK government, this project is helping improve the lives of children with disabilities, their families and their communities.  

The three-year project, which began in 2022, is helping to rebuild and adapt six schools so that pupils with disabilities can access mainstream education. We’re working with fifteen schools to identify and enrol children living with disabilities and training teachers so they understand the needs of children with disabilities and how to include them in their classes. The children are supported by the provision of aids, such as wheelchairs, ramps, hearing aids and canes, as well as healthcare, so they can live more independently and actively participate in lessons, sports and other activities with their classmates. 

South Sudan WEE BOX 2021Our support reaches beyond the child, to their whole family and their community. We are also working closely with the wider community to promote equality and inclusion and tackle discriminatory attitudes towards people living with disabilities, so they don’t face stigma and exclusion and can live life to the full.  

South Sudan Vaida case study

Vaida's story

Vaida started to get headaches. Then, the 14-year-old began to experience a numbness in her legs. But, because of the lack of medical support and hospitals in South Sudan, Vaida was unable to find out what was happening to her. Her condition was not treated.

Soon after, Vaida lost her ability to walk. She could not attend school, and like many children living with disabilities in South Sudan, she began to face stigma and exclusion.  

Thankfully there was hope. We provided Vaida with the healthcare she urgently needed. We started teaching her exercises so she could recover movement in her limbs and provided life-changing equipment so that today she can walk on crutches and use a tricycle to journey to school.

“Now life is better. Thank you, a lot, for your support. I am strong now, you have lifted me from the suffering." 

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