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CDJP Kigali

The Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission in Kigali (CDJP Kigali) was established in 1992 by the Kigali Archdiocese. CDJP Kigali focus on increasing food security so people have enough to eat and help communities to prepare for and manage environmental disasters. They also focus on reconciliation, conflict management and civic participation, as well as psychosocial support for some of the most marginalised and vulnerable in society, including survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.

CDJP Kigali village - Rwanda 2

SCIAF has partnered with CDJP Kigali since 2013, working on a variety of projects focused on supporting the most vulnerable, including those with disabilities, the elderly, and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. Our projects with CDJP Kigali not only aim to build the economic resilience of the people we work with, but also social and psychological resilience.

Fr Donatien
I think that the key to partnership is mutual respect and we appreciate that this is well observed by SCIAF. We have a very strong partnership.

Fr Donatien Twizeyumuremyi Director, CDJP Kigali

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