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Improving Farmer Resilience

Thanks to you, and funding from the Guernsey Overseas Aid & Development Commission, over the course of a year we provided hundreds of farmers in Eastern Rwanda with access to water and the training and tools needed to grow crops that can survive the effects of climate change. With our partner CDJP Kigali, we worked to reach the poorest and most vulnerable people first, to give hope for a brighter future.Improving Farmer Resilience

Building resilience is not just about financial security, and this project is a great example of how we build dignity and support people in all aspects of their lives. 

In Eastern Rwanda, many people are living without the basics needed to survive. The vulnerable – like the elderly, people with disabilities, and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence – are most at risk of not having enough food to eat or shelter for their families. They may find it difficult to care for their physical and mental health. Often, there isn’t support available.  

People don’t have a lot of land to grow food and when they do, climate change often destroys their efforts. Life becomes very challenging. 

Annonciata Rwanda
I humbly express my gratitude for the work done for me. I appreciate the water collection tank given to us. I can now provide water for the vegetables and livestock – something I’ve not seen before.

Annonciata Ntibaziyandemye

Through CDJP Kigali, we’re reaching those vulnerable people first. By fixing existing irrigation schemes and providing rainwater tanks, we’re giving access to water for watering crops. To tackle food insecurity and improve health, farmers receive training, tools and seeds to grow vegetables. And because of a new road that’s been built, farmers have the opportunity to sell their crops at the local market to increase their income.  

However, economic support is just one part of the picture. Community members can also access counselling sessions to work through psychological issues they may be facing, and more that 200 people have attended workshops on gender equality. We’re championing women’s leadership and making sure the vulnerable have a voice in the community.  


farmers now have access to a rehabilitated irrigation system


people have been provided with seeds and mulch


rainwater tanks have been built for the most vulnerable


beneficiaries took part in SGBV educational sessions


community members received training on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19


couples received gender awareness training

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