South Sudan

What we do:
  • Education
  • Emergency Response
  • Peace & Justice
Partner Organisations:
Current projects:

South Sudan is involved in a brutal and unrelenting civil war. This follows decades of fighting between forces in the country and the government of Sudan. The country's infrastructure is in tatters and its people struggle to survive. In February 2017 a famine was declared in what the UN described as a man-made catastrophe caused by civil war and economic collapse.

We've been working in South Sudan for many years. Through local partners we're getting emergency food, medicine and shelter to thousands of families, promoting peace and reconciliation through radio broadcasting, and helping women affected by domestic violence. We’re also supporting people with disabilities with wheelchairs, walking canes, and support, through schooling or the setting up of a business, so they can live an active life in their community.

South Sudan - Simon Murphy