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SCIAF marks the 12th anniversary of war in Syria

15 March 2023

Hahmoud Al Hassan Jabal Badra Aleppo Syriajpg

Today marks the 12th anniversary of the beginning of popular protests against President Assad’s regime in Syria that quickly led to armed conflict between Government and anti-Government forces.

While full-scale war has ended, the impact of the conflict remains devastating. The UN reports 15 million people are in need in Syria, over 5 million of them remain displaced in their own country. And over 5 million refugees live in neighbouring countries. Nine out of ten Syrians are reported to be living in poverty. And then the earthquake of 6 February, heaping misery on misery.

The war in Syria caused the largest forced displacement crisis in the world, accounting for 25 per cent of the global refugee population.  

It remains the second least peaceful country in the world, with only Afghanistan deemed more troubled.  Almost the entire population of Syria now lives below the poverty line and an estimated three million have some form of disability or lifelong impairment due to a combination of violence and a broken health system.  

The devastating earthquake which struck northern Syria and southern Türkiye in February brought added pain and suffering to a people already on the edge. The ongoing conflict and fractured infrastructure presented added difficulties to the rescue effort.

Through SCIAF’s partners, we immediately reached out to those most in need and our colleagues at Caritas Syria and in the region are working tirelessly to provide emergency relief where it’s needed the most.

We’ve been supporting our partners there since 2016 and we’re still there, ensuring essential access to food, water and safe places to stay for the most vulnerable people. 

Thanks to your generosity, we have been working with our local partners to provide emergency and long-term support. We continue to assist thousands of people displaced by the conflict into North West Syria and neighbouring countries. Recently we have been helping to rebuild and repair damaged houses and supporting people to find new ways of making a living, as well as providing day-to-day health and hygiene support.