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India coronavirus crisis

27 April 2021

India Coronavirus 1

India is in the grips of a deadly second wave of coronavirus infections recording more than 370,000 new cases per day. The total number of cases in India is now reported to be over 18 million. These grim figures represent the worst infection rates in the world since the pandemic began.

India coronavirus 2

As a result, India’s health system is in collapse and the alarming surge in infections has led to urgent calls for oxygen from some of the country’s top doctors.

Countless desperately ill families are dying due to a lack of medical care. There is also a critical shortage of hospital beds and a growing need for psychological support for the most vulnerable.

A severe shortage in coronavirus vaccines means many vaccination centres have had to halt their operations. Furthermore, ventilators and medicines in the black market are on a rapid rise as people desperately seek help. This is not only deepening levels of inequality but is killing the poorest and most vulnerable people first.

SCIAF’s partners are continuing to provide vital support to the poorest communities, and are assessing the situation to see how best to support local authorities as they tackle the crisis.