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Life in Chocó is hard – not only is it the poorest region in Colombia, but it is also bearing the brunt of climate damage, COVID-19 and illegal armed conflict. For young people, few opportunities exist, and many resort to joining gangs and militia groups to earn money and make their lives bearable. 

But, for the first time ever, we are using Rugby as the main tool in one of our overseas development projects. Working with our local partners Fundación Buen Punto (FBP) along the Pacific Coast of Colombia, we are harnessing the power of sport to transform the lives of young people and their families. Rugby for Peace is an innovative new project which is teaching young people, and their families, the skills they need to survive – from teamwork and respect, to discipline and perseverance. So, when the challenges of life tackle them to the ground, they have the resilience to get back up and play. 

Watch the full Rugby for Peace Documentary

Chocó is one of the poorest regions in Colombia, and opportunities for young people are extremely limited. Climate change is making livelihoods like fishing and farming impossible, and the impacts of COVID-19 are forcing people deeper into poverty. Food is short, education is poor and healthcare is limited.  

Young people feel like they have no future – that they have no way out. And, as a result, many get caught up in the illegal drug trade. It is a way to earn money; a way to climb out of poverty. But it drives uncertainty, criminality and conflict.  

As specialists in sports development, our partners use rugby to provide a novel and engaging way of educating young people who might not be learning the skills they need to thrive.  

Their training sessions help instil critical values like resilience, teamwork, commitment, leadership, playing fair, and having the courage to take on life’s challenges. 

Carolina - Rugby for Peace trainer
In rugby, as in life, one of the first lessons is, when we fall we have to get up. In life there will be situations that will tackle us, that will knock us down. Our strength will run out, but we have to get up. Because we are strong.

Carolina Head Coach of the project

At the end of 2022, we premiered our first documentary, Rugby for Peace, to a crowd of dedicated SCIAF supporters – as well as stars from the world of rugby! The film, Rugby for Peace, showcased how our innovative project in the poorest region of Colombia is helping young people navigate away from the threat of the drugs trade – instead encouraging them to engage with positive activities such as sports.

If you would like to arrange a screening of Rugby for Peace in your school, parish or community group, please email

Watch Rugby for Peace Documentary

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