Caritas and Pope Francis Faith Awards

We’re looking for young people with a passion for global justice.

If you have enthusiastic Caritas students who are hungry for the chance to use their gifts to help build a more just world, we’d love to hear from them.

Fundraising in schools

There are lots of ways for Caritas students to get involved with SCIAF’s life-changing work, either in their school, feeder primaries or parish. We'll provide training and resources so that students are confident and clear about what is being asked of them.

Students can:

  • lead WEE BOX talks and workshops in their school and feeder primaries
  • promote and sell Real Gifts in their parish

  • run the Talented Fundraisers enterprise project and bring the Parable of the Talents to life

  • hold a SCIAF evening in their parish to raise awareness of SCIAF’s work

  • deliver Lent talks in their parish

  • write articles/prayers for SCIAF that we can use throughout the year

Pope Francis Faith Award

We can offer a variety of class talks and workshops that will help cover points within the different ‘Gifts’. Sessions are creative and interactive and will encourage pupils to put their faith into action.

Examples of ‘Faith Actions’ that can be referenced to SCIAF activities are:

  • find out about someone your age living in a poorer country and compare your lives
  • contribute to charity with your own time
  • respect creation and offer prayers of thanks for the gifts of creation