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  • Vincent Raeburn - SCIAF volunteer at St Andrews Primary Airdrie - Volunteers Week 2020

    Digital resources for Digital Schools Award Scotland

    2022 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Use these resources and ideas to help combine your learning on global issues with your digital skills. Suitable for Primary Schools.

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    WEE BOX 2022: Social media pack

    2022 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Download our social media pack today to help spread the word of our WEE BOX appeal. Together, we can build God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

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    WEE BOX 2022: School resources

    2022 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Help your school connect with the work we're doing to help families in Malawi tackle the Climate Emergency with this resource. Includes teacher’s notes, classroom activities, prayer and fundraising resources.

  • Climate craftivism - cover

    Climate Fringe Week: Climate craftivism pack

    2021 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Download our Climate Craftivism pack to help you campaign through creativity this Climate Fringe Week.

  • SCIAF in your school 2021 22

    2021/22 SCIAF in your School

    2021 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Our primary or secondary school leaflets explain what resources we've got to offer and what your school can get involved with in the coming school year. We've got lots going on, so why not check them out?

  • Season of creation - cover

    Season of Creation: School resources

    2021 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Download our school resources that support this year's Season of Creation. These resources can be used at any time during the season and will help to guide your prayer and action.

  • Education for all - resource cover

    Education for all

    2021 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    A level two primary resource exploring the rights of the child to education and, in particular, sharing stories of children living with disabilities in South Sudan. Resource includes a lesson plan, classroom activities and opportunities for prayer.

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    Climate Justice: Called to Care for Creation

    2021 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    This resource for National 4/5 Geography explores key topics on Climate Justice and care for creation providing learners with the real-life perspective on the effects of climate change on people living in some of the world’s poorest countries.

  • climate change

    Invisible water activity

    2021 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    This quiz challenges students to determine how many litres of water are needed to make many of our favourite everyday items.

  • Climate change - banner image

    Climate change bingo

    2021 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    This game explores how we contribute to climate change and how we can measure its impact.

  • St Aidans High School - Caritas award

    SCIAF's work flashcards

    2021 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    A secondary activity: print ‘SCIAF’s work Flashcards' and learn about Church Teaching on poverty and how that guides SCIAF's work.

  • Share Show Shout for Climate Justice supporter toolkit

    Climate Justice supporter toolkit

    2021 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Download our supporter toolkit to take action and make your voice heard by speaking to your local election candidates and sharing the message on social media.