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  • Faith and Politics thumbnail

    Faith & Politics

    2021 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    This Senior Phase TIOF resource will explore what Scripture and Church Teaching tells us about our responsibility to take positive action as a responsible citizen.

  • 2021 WEE BOX resources thumbnail

    WEE BOX 2021: School resources

    2021 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Download our prayer resources, classroom activities, fundraising ideas, and videos to help your school support this year’s WEE BOX BIG CHANGE appeal.

  • Sylvia - cover - WEE BOX - Lent 2020

    Following Jesus' Example: S5 resource

    2020 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Real stories from women and men who live in DR Congo will shine a light on the experiences of sexual violence and the treatment of women.

  • Mallicha Wario - Ethiopia - Water is life cover photo

    Water is life

    2020 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    A Primary 5 schools resource which focuses on the impact of the global water crisis and the sacredness of water through Scripture.

  • Laudato si encyclical

    Laudato Si Encyclical resources for young people

    2020 - Published by Pope Francis (English)

    These Laudato Si resources can be used to enrich lessons with young people in school or as part of a parish group.

  • Cover - St Aloysius pupils with Mark Booker

    Catholic Social Teaching resources

    2020 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    A guide to help primary and secondary school pupils in their learning of Catholic Social Teaching.

  • DSC 9779 original

    Laudato Si colouring sheet

    2020 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    With our Laudato Si colouring sheet, create your vision of our common home and write a message to the world today.

  • Sylvia and family - Day in the life cover - wee box 2020

    WEE BOX 2020: A Day in the life

    2020 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Resources for a Day in the Life from our WEE BOX appeal.

  • WEE BOX fundraising cover

    WEE BOX 2020: School resources

    2019 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Help your school support the WEE BOX, BIG CHANGE appeal this year with these classroom activities, fundraising ideas, prayer resources and videos.

  • Catholic Vision thumbnail

    Catholic Vision of Human Dignity – A Senior Phase resource for S5

    2019 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    This S5 resource explores the Catholic vision of the dignity of the human person.

  • Fundraising Guide thumbnail

    SCIAF Fundraising guide

    2019 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Your guide to fun and interesting ways to support SCIAF and help some of the world’s poorest people.

  • 2019 fundraising

    WEE BOX 2019: School resources

    2018 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Help your school connect with the country of Uganda through these classroom activities, fundraising ideas, prayer resources and videos.