We believe in giving people in need a hand up, not a hand out. We help people provide for themselves and their families, creating hope for the future.



Dignity is the foundation for all our beliefs and what we do. We believe it’s inherent in all people regardless of class, colour, creed or religion. We treat everyone the same, with the utmost respect. We portray people as resilient, not as victims, and fight for justice – for everybody.


We help the poorest free themselves from poverty on a permanent basis, supporting people to help themselves. Because dignity is at the heart of everything we believe and do, we put self-determination at the heart of our work and fight for the right of those we serve to make their own decisions.


We celebrate unity and value working in partnerships. As part of Caritas, the Catholic Church’s global network of international aid and development charities, we stand with our poorest sisters and brothers through thick and thin. We are a bridge between communities at home and overseas. Working as one makes us stronger, more able to challenge and bring about change.


Hope is never giving up. It’s about determination, and a belief that things can get better, obstacles can be overcome, even when they seem overwhelming. We work for the rights of the world’s poorest, and never fail to let them know they’re remembered. This gives hope. We also inspire people throughout Scotland.