Hear their cry. Respond in love.

Many women in the Democratic Republic of Congo have suffered horrific sexual violence. Having been through some of the most unimaginable crimes, they are now also facing coronavirus.

Here, nine brave women tell us their stories in the hope that people in Scotland will listen and not forget them and their communities. Through their stories, we also hope to provide a glimpse of how money from Scotland is helping these women and their families to recover and is enabling them to build a future.

Please read their stories and hear their cry. 


Angela's home was attacked by rebels. Her husband was shot dead, and she was raped by nine men in front of her children.

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Sylvia was abducted by rebels at gunpoint. She was held captive for four years and witnessed terrible atrocities.

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Lisa is terrified that she will be kidnapped as superstition says bones of albinos have supernatural powers.

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Kitty was captured by rebel soldiers and witnessed unimaginable horrors as a prisoner. Now, she is rebuilding her life.

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After Pauline's husband was killed and she was sexually assaulted, she is putting the pieces of her life back together.

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When armed rebels attacked Bernadette's village they committed terrible acts upon the people they captured.

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Joyce and her husband have always been poor. Rebels attacked their village and stole what little they had.

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Each day, Joan lives in fear because of traumatic events she has suffered in the past.

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Iris was betrayed by a friend which resulted in her being drugged, raped, and left for dead.

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